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Neethlingshof Estate Malbec

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The Malbec vineyard, established in: Tukulu and Oakleaf soils, are located on a westerly slope between 120m and 150m above sea level. The vines were planted in: 2004 and are trellised onto a seven-wire vertical hedge system and graftedmon Richter 1100 rootstock. They receive, supplementary irrigation through; a drip system – only when necessary. On the palate, this wine is rich and full! With, plum and berry flavours; with a savoury touch – supported by: soft tannins Aromas: Violet fragrances, interwoven with: ripe plum, dark chocolate and vanilla. Country: South Africa Region: Stellenbosch ABV: 13.18% vol Suggested Food Pairings: A delicious all-rounder that will partner well with: red and white meat dishes, such as: garlic and rosemary chicken & beef wellington. This wine, also pairs well with: vegetarian moussaka or spicy vegetable curry! or even, soft pungent cheeses, such as: Blue Cheese, Stilton or Gorgonzola

The Neethlingshof Estate in Stellenbosch, takes its name from its 19th century owner. A member of the ‘Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, acknowledged for its protection of indigenous habitat, the 378 ha winery has set aside 127 ha for conservation. The winery cultivates both red and wine varietals; with the bias marginally in favour of whites.

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