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The Dry Land Collection Conqueror Cabernet Sauvignon

3,095 KShs

This bold wine is a true reflection of a modern day Cabernet Sauvignon, showing typical cultivar characteristics with perfumed aromas. It is well known that vines grown under Dry Land conditions produce red wines which are naturally rich and darker in colour. The nose is perfumy with hints of prune, black cherry, coriander and dry eucalyptus leaves. The palate is structured and broad with grippy and rich tannins. This wine will grow in complexity over time and can be aged under optimal conditions for long periods.

Exclusively available online via: Country: South Africa Region: Perderberg ABV: 14% vol Suggested Food Pairings: This big Cabernet is best enjoyed on cold evenings in front of the fire place or served with dishes such as beef korma, spiced ostrich steak or oxtail casserole

The Dry Land Collection Wines are made from grapes of Dryland Vineyards, which showcase the uniqueness of the wines grown in this testing terroir. The wine is made in a new world style, complex with ample fruit and structure. The grapes are harvested, from two vineyards 26 and 32 years old; in the Perdeberg area. The soils are mainly decomposed granite and glenrosa. The vines are in natural balance, giving a low yield of 7 tons per hectare; to enhance fruit complexity.

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