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Neethlingshof Short Story Collection – The Owls Post

6,695 KShs

Dryland vines, established in deep red Tukulu soils, rich in organic material; that amply feeds the roots. Planted in 1997, on west-facing slopes, 120m above sea level. The vines, are grafted on: nematode and phylloxera resitant rootstock, Richter 100 and are trellised on a five-wire system. The grapes, were harvested in: Mid-February. After, destalking and crushing, yeast was added and fermentation commenced, in: stainless steel tanks. While the juice, was still fermenting; it was transfered to: 300-litre Oak Barrels (60% Hungarian & 40% French) where it completed its fermentation. Aromas: An intricate fusion of aromas, of: sweet spice, cinnamon, cloves, dry coriander and dark fruits! Palate: On the palate, enjoy: intense! and complex flavours of: raspberries, plums and cherries Country: South Africa Region: Stellenbosch Grape: Pinotage ABV: 14.18% vol Suggested Food Pairings: Excellent served with: venison, oxtail or osso buco, or malay curry. Hard cheses like: Cheddar or Gruyere, make a good match! or even, vegetarian dishes like: aubergine, or baked artichoke, grilled portabello mushrooms. For desserts, consider a dark chocolate truffle cake

The Neethlingshof Estate in Stellenbosch, takes its name from its 19th century owner. A member of the ‘Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, acknowledged for its protection of indigenous habitat, the 378 ha winery has set aside 127 ha for conservation. The winery cultivates both red and wine varietals; with the bias marginally in favour of whites.

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