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Hardys Stamp Cabernet Merlot

1,895 KShs

Aromas, of: Intense mulberry and black cherry aromas with hints of cedar spice! Juicy, ripe mulberries and black cherries complemented by toasty oak.
This wine has very fine tannins and a long length

Blend: Merlot [30%] | Cabernet Sauvignon [68%]

Country: Australia
Region: South Eastern Australia
ABV: 11.5% vol
Suggested Food Pairings: Tomato-based hearty pastas, Casseroles, Lasagna and Lamb dishes

Hardys Stamp is based on blends of two varieties to highlight Australia’s reputation for blending to create complexity, consistency, balance and structure. The ‘stamp’ harks back to Thomas Hardy’s first export of wines back to his family in the UK – in 1857.

Hardys Stamp of Australia realises Thomas Hardy’s vision of creating vibrant wines reflective of the Australian style and enjoyed around the world.
A hot summer followed by early rains and milder weather provided a long ripening season for the grapes.  This particularly long vintage allowed winemakers to pick grapes at optimum maturity that has resulted in wines which show intense colour, vibrant ripe fruit flavours, rich full palates, and soft fine tannins.

The majority of the grapes used in the range are from warm, inland river regions, producing wines that are full flavoured, fruit forward and smooth; in true Australian style.

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