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20 Ventiterre Merlot

2,295 KShs

It is a classic wine for the entire meal. The bouquet is captivating, because of its freshness and its delicious vinosity; in combination with a delightful abundance of fruity tones. The flavour, is pleasantly full and intense; with soft tannins and a long fruity finish.

Country: Italy
ABV: 12%
Suggested Food Pairings: It makes a particularly fine accompaniment, for dishes dressed with: meat sauces, white and red meats, savoury polentas and moderately aged cheeses.

The Zonin story dates back almost 200 years and seven generations. It includes love for the land and for wine, enriched by years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the sector, as well as an intimate relationship with the historic, cultural, and human aspects of each individual territory. This is the precious legacy handed down to the new generation that is now taking the reins.

Casa Vinicola Zonin are the leading private Italian company in terms of ‘area under vine’ in the country’s finest wine-producing regions. The growth strategy through expansion and acquisition of the Estates, was based on the criterion of selecting only land with the potential to produce exceptionally fine wines. The Zonin family, thus, guarantees that the whole process – from the vineyard to the glass – can be carried out at the place of origin. The family also takes strides in preserving not only the beauty and pristine nature of the landscape, but also the environment for future generations. Today, the company has over 1,800 acres of land under vine in Italy.

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