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Penfolds BIN 311 Chardonnay

9,095 KShs

Full-flavoured, endowed with a concentrated fruit spectrum of citrus, grapefruit and white peach. Hints, of: sherbet, camomile and goats cheese complex the aromatic offer – a Chardonnay cast assembled from: three States of Australia.

First and foremost, this wine extolls: freshness, yet not at the expense of an endearing richness and generosity of flavour. Whilst some may perceive it to be slightly ‘larger-framed’ than in previous years it nevertheless retains trademark Bin 311 mineral acidity and linearity. Rockmelon and white peach fruits are pronounced. Underlying sherbet and fresh lemon tart impressions coupled with: a lovely creaminess, add to the structural and flavour pool.

Country: Australia
Region: Adelaide Hills, Tumbarumba and Tasmania
ABV: 13%
Vintage: 2018 
Suggested Food Pairings: A wine with body! that goes well with: creamy pastas, risottos, grilled salmon or duck

Bin 311 Chardonnay truly reflects the winemakers’ mantra ‘we always go where the fruit grows best and where it best suits style’.

In 2018, fruit sourcing moved to multi-regional cool-climate regions; Adelaide Hills, Tumbarumba, Tasmania. In true Bin 311 style, it exhibits lemon/lime aromas and a mineral acid backbone, complemented by: barrel fermentation and maturation in seasoned Oak.

Minimal filtration is: employed, preserving elegant fruit flavours.

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