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Patriarche Chardonnay

2,095 KShs

Floral aromas hints of citrus and exotic fruits, underlined with vanilla notes. Powerful, ample, harmonious and let discover a fruity and fresh aroma typical of this varietal.

Country: France -Pays d’Oc (Gard, Aude and Hérault) and Charentes (South South West Cognac appellation).
Grape varieties included: Chardonnay
Remarks:Made of 90% Chardonnay from: Paysd’Oc, harvested on shaly soils, terraced vineyards and pebbly or limestone soils. These grapes provide the richness and power typical of these wines. The remaining 10% consists of Chardonnay grapes from petite Champagne vintages growing on clay and limestone soils. These grapes, give the wine its steeliness and freshness. 

ABV: 13.5% vol
Suggested Food Pairings: Enjoy on its own as an Apéritif, or with: prawns or any grilled fish dish & fresh salads

The Signature ‘Patriarche Père et Fils’ wines are exclusively matured in stainless steel tanks, to express all the freshness and character of the fruits.

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