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Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc

2,095 KShs

 Clear with: a dark yellow and buttery undertone. Very aromatic bouquet with: a combination of ripe melon and stewed pear aromas. The wine offers: a refreshing green apple acidity, combined with a touch of viscosity and explosion of pineapples. A creamy back palate supports the acidity. 

Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
ABV: 13.5%
Suggested Food Pairings: This wine can be enjoyed with friends and every day, serve: well-chilled. Pairs well with: Chicken salad, mild to spicy rice dishes, sushi, seafood and any white meats


Surrounding Africa’s legendary Table Mountain is a place to lush fertility and natural beauty. This is the home of Kumala, where we make quality wines that are full of character.

We believe in putting in the time and effort to ensure our grapes are perfectly ripened, allowing our wines to reach their full potential. To do this it requires our growers and winemakers to be attentive and fully present at every stage of the wine making process.

During harvest time our growers are in the vineyards, everyday watching, waiting, testing and tasting the grapes to ensure they benefit from just the right amount of South African sunshine.

It’s all about the time needed for the grapes to develop the perfect flavours from which we create our range of vibrant wines.

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