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Flagstone Dragon Tree Cape Blend

2,695 KShs

Great wines, require: deep, intense-dedication to: the land, empathy for the vine and a love of: grapes. Flagstone wines, farm in a: balanced and environmentally friendly way – and in the cellar the grapes are treated with: fanatical attention to detail. The resultant aromas and flavours reflect this passion for authenticity & integrity.

On the palate, this wine is a mixture of: rich dark berries, cigar box and minty aromas – enhances, the compelxity on the nose! An explosion of: fruit and a lingering aftertaste, make this wine! harmoniously rounded. 

Remarks 1: This is, a: Multiple Award-Winning wine
Remarks 2: The 2018 harvest season was really challenging, due to a prolonged drought which some believe to be the worst in 100 years, accompanied by water restrictions and frost damage in some areas. The dry, warm weather resulted in healthy grapes and small berries. Smaller berries usually have good colour and flavour intensity and this, along with cooler weather during harvest time relieved some pressure on vines and bode well for quality. Greater variation between night and day temperatures during the ripening stage gave the colour and flavour formation a further boost, which are indicative of remarkable quality wines. Vineyards were healthy with limited incidences of pests, diseases or rot thanks to the dry weather.

Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape 
Vintage: 2018
Grapes: Pinotage, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon
ABV: 14.5% vol
Suggested Food Pairings: delicious, on its: own! Also, pair with: Seared tuna in a soy marinade, rich homemade lasagne or slow-roast lamb

We are inspired by our country, our people! and our: winelands. That is why, Flagstone gives our wines; special and unique names! This wine, is named after the Dragon Tree, which was given to the Port Captain of Cape Town; over a century ago. He planted it, on the: Waterfront, where it lived to be: 150 years old. As legend had it, when dragons were mortally wounded; they would fly out to sea to die. Only where the dragon’s blood spilt; would a Dragon Tree then grow.

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