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GH Mumm Le Rosé Champagne

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The pale salmon-pink robe with glints of orange glows invitingly, animated by a lively stream of bubbles. Appealingly light and fresh, it releases notes of candied berries: intense, fruity aromas of straw-berry and fresh red currants backed with a bit of sweet spice and a subtle yet luscious hint of red-berry coulis.

On the palate, a vivacious initial impression: energetic, bracing and fresh. Elegantly structured, it delivers flavors of fragrant summer fruits and a long, bright finish, balanced by: the sweetness of red berries.

Country: France 
Region: Champagne 
ABV: 12%
Suggested Food Pairings: Mumm Cordon Rouge is ideal for an aperitif among friends or over a meal

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Product Description

Mumm Rosé is made from the same rich palette of terroirs as that of Cordon Rouge. More than 120 crus, representing all the diversity of the Champagne region of France, are perfectly blended to ensure a consistent quality and style each year.

Embodying a unique personality for a rosé champagne, Mumm Rosé has the strength and structure of Pinot Noir, the signature grape of Maison Mumm, balanced with the elegance of Chardonnay and the fruitiness of Meunier. A proportion of red wine brings intensity and notes of forest fruits to this luminous cuvée to create a rosé that is at once elegant, light, intense, and fresh.

Light-hearted Mumm Rosé reveals its charms as an apéritif, but the bright berry notes also complement a wide range of dishes, including simple seasonal starters such as seafood, fresh cheeses and salmon marinated with fresh cranberries.

Mumm Rosé champagne conjures visions of sunny days and spontaneous meet-ups. Its radiant personality recalls roof-top barbecues and leisurely brunches when friends linger to chat, laugh, and welcome the GoldenHour, watching the afternoon light melt into sunset.