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Flagstone Poetry Cabernet Sauvignon

1,395 KShs

On the palate, a hint of dark chocolate and well balanced oak on the finish! A complex nose with a mixture of dark red fruit, mocha, cigar box and mint aromas Country: South Africa Region: Western Cape ABV: 14% Suggested Food Pairings: Enjoy on its own, with Wild Game Meat, Risotto and Mature Cheese’s

Product Description

Poetry is about paired-down words, making, forming, creating. It is art, the essence of language, meaning a fundamental creative act using language. Accomplished poetry is a distillation of language so that meaning shines through. Powerful poetry is utter, it pulls no punches and is not concerned with excuses. It celebrates the joy and highlights the natural sadness of our human condition, poetry eulogises the cycle of nature. Poetry is romantic, poignant and it shows the compulsion of our heart, the engine of our ambition and the spirit of desire.

Great wine requires deep, intense dedication to the land, empathy for the vine and a love of grapes. We farm in a balanced and environmentally friendly way and in the cellar the grapes are treated with fanatical attention to detail throughout the wine-crafting process. The resultant aromas and flavours reflect this passion for authenticity and integrity.