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Castillo De Aresan Tempranillo

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This is, an organic wine with: no added sulfites. This medium bodied red, has flavor’s and aromas of: strawberry juice, red cherries and pomegranates with notes of: nutmeg and cinnamon. This Tempranillo, has a lovely combination of: fruit and spice. Fruity Tempranillo’s are not uncommon, and this is packed full of: strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours, but alongside this is a lovely sweet spice; that’s not so common.

In all, this makes for: a really interesting red that is: medium-bodied, and good to keep in the rack for any occasion

Country: Spain
Region: La Mancha
ABV: 13.5% 
Suggested Food Pairings

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Castillo De Aresan is exceptional 200-hectare organic vineyard which blooms at: an altitude of 750 meters in the heart of: Castilla-La Mancha

With, the vocation of creating wines of: very high quality, they express great respect for the environment, as well as a total admiration – for the Manchego terroir and strong dedication to the basis of French Oenology.

In addition to having on its disposal the latest winemaking technology, Castillo De Aresán has a completely renovated aging cellar and a park of 800 French Oak Barrels, which allows for: providing, exceptional aromas and flavors to its wines.

A team of winemakers, with: international experience; is in charge of its care.

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