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Hardys VR Pinot Grigio

1,495 KShs 1,286 KShs

Crisp & Refreshing! The palate is well balanced, with a sharp citrus acidity; finishing with light pear fruit, touch of spice and a slatey mineral line

Country: Australia
Region: South Eastern Australia
Vintage: 2017
ABV: 12%
Suggested Food Pairings: Best enjoyed, with: fish, shrimp with a lemon sauce, sushi, antipasti and light, but creamy risotto

Product Description

Our Varietal Range, is made up of: fruity and easy drinking wines; displaying true varietal character. The range, is created for everyone to enjoy and share; in the experience and diversity of great wine.

The VR range, retains the purity of single varieties; without the complexity of secondary winemaking practices.

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