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Geyser Peak Zinfandel

1,595 KShs

Smooth, plummy textures! Aromas of blackberry and liquorice with a hint of mocha. This wine/grape varietal is severely underrated!!

Country: USA
Region: California
ABV: 14% vol
Suggested Food Pairings: Pair with tangy barbecue dishes, or herb-influenced dishes; such as rosemary ham!

Product Description

Founded in 1880, by pioneering winemaker Augustus Quitzow, Geyser Peak Winery became California’s 29th bonded winery. This Zinfandel, is made with grapes from the cool interior central vineyards; which are home to some of the most historic Zinfandel plantings. The range of flavours and soft, ‘sweet spice’ inherent in the fruit; make it a natural favourite for all occasions! The Geyser Peak Winery, has flourished as an award winning Californian winery for over 130 years!!